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, but with a bankruptcy plan that has unions digging in. the judge saying that the motor city deserves a fresh start and we are all over that start. and whether it will ever stop. in detroit on what happens now. dave, who says bring on the bankruptcies now, and charles payne on if the unions lose, taxpayers stand to win big now. we begin with jeff. >> neil, hello. it's a big day in detroit. i tell you. no one really saw this coming in the it did. inside the courtroom, all we have is sketches because it's a federal court but the bankruptcy judge did what no judge before him has ever done, that is to rule that if a city goes into bankruptcy, and you have a municipal pension, it's not safe. it can actually be reduced. as you can imagine, the unions very upset about this. we talked to a lawyer for one of the 23,000 detroit who said this is a call to arms. >> it says their pensions are subject to being impaired and reduced in bankruptcy, and it means that they better start mobilizing because they cannot rely on the court to defend their fruits of their labor for 30 years. >> and mobilize they did outside
out of oklahoma city. more of a snow event there, and really causing a world of hurt on the roads. people stranded in ditches, people having to get out and push disabled vehicles in the ice. several inches of snow falling around the downtown oklahoma city area, and south of oklahoma city, and the news only really gets worse, as we're going to remain below freezing throughout the entire regs of the weekend, so all of the junk, all of the stuff on the roads, likely go going to stay. neil, it was 80 degrees in dfw just two days ago. a pretty big difference. >> amazing. i know folks are going to get some pretty bad colds. >>> arkansas, , too feeling the brunt of the snow. scott is -- has the latest. >> reporter: live here in jonesboro, arkansas, an our or so north northwest of the city of memphis, and we have been through all morning, through this afternoon, and started around the freezing mark, at 32 degrees, marsh a degree higher, and it start with rain but slowly but surely the temperatures started dropping, and guess what, the rain turned into freezing rain, then sleet, and then
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and state and city roads. >> if you were to add it all up, let's say now -- being devil's advocate here, let's take the stimulus money, the shovel-ready project, a lot were infrastructure targeted at around $800 million and average it out around the last five years and throw in the $60 billion or so you're supposed to get from the oil countries -- a lot of taxes. they were going tap that for infrastructure. you're looking at $250 billion to $300 billion a year that would be presumably allocated to just this sort of thing. and we're asking for? >> yeah. and part of it is just simpley -- you know, they're diverting this money here, and it's the wrong way to do it. imagine in 1956 that a gas tax seemed like a user fee. we have a lot of different ways to get around. my brother bought an electric car, for crying out loud. he's not paying a lot in the gas tax him. >> they're going to charge by the mail. >> what needs to happen since we're not building highways anymore, you have to build highways by using tolls and by using private companies to generate capital to build these things. and increasing
. a snow alert has now been issued by new york city for 6:00 tomorrow. what that means is they're now readying the salt spreaders, the blues and chains for possible -- the plows and chains for possible use. meanwhile, much of the east digging out from the snowstorm over the weekend, eight and a half inches of snow fell at the airport in philadelphia. that is more snow than philly saw all last year, and on a stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike sunday, more than 50 cars and trucks were in a chain collision. one man was killed after leaving his vehicle, and three other people died in weather-related accidents in arkansas and tennessee. more than 1600 flights were cancelled across the country. one of the hardest hit airports, dallas-fort worth, where 350 flights were cancelled. fedex, which has a hub in dallas, is rerouting packages, another shipper, ups, says safety comes first when the weather is hazardous, add something customers might notice a delay of a day or two, and the storm left many in the dark. hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses lost power. more than a quarter mill
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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